Michael Seles, DD

Developing A Clinic Committed To Denture Excellence

The first thing people notice when entering Eastview Denture Clinic is the warmth and immediate familiarity you feel from both Michael and his lovely wife Sherry, who also works in the office. The family vibe extends past the front desk when each and every client is treated with care, concern, individuality and privacy.

Michael approaches his work with passion and with excellence. He wants each experience to be a positive one and believes being clear, thorough, kind and fully present is key. Before any work even begins, Michael sits engaged, giving each person the attention and the time they require.


No rushing.

No blanket answers.

No one-size-fits-all.


He knows each person comes with their unique requirements and their unique mouths. He listens to them and sees the experience through their eyes. His goal is to equip each person with all the information they need. Knowledge is power and he’s all about empowering people so they can make informed, solid decisions.  


More than a happy mouth

At the heart of it Michael understands the nuance of dentures and the bigger picture they represent. He understands that a lot of times, you aren’t simply restoring a smile… (while important in its own right). But what he’s restoring is confidence and tenacity and laughter. People are free to be themselves again and he doesn’t take that responsibility lightly.


“I have seen so many people enter into my office overwhelmed and a little defeated. Yes, while dentures help immeasurably with the functionality of your mouth, what make me happiest is seeing the smile return to faces. Where once someone would cover their mouth or simply refrain from smiling, they’re now laughing, sharing and experiencing real joy. That’s what propels me to keep doing what I’m doing.”


Throughout Michael’s career he has helped thousands of patients feel better, look better and live better. He doesn’t take his position for granted, taking great pride in those he’s helped.(It’s a testament to his character that so much of his work is a result of referrals from happy, content clients).  


Graduating with Honors in addition to being a J.S. Katz achievement award recipient, Michael Seles DD, is continuously upgrading his skills and ensuring he’s on the front end of any new innovation and advancements.


When he’s not dedicating his time to dentures, he’s out enjoying an adventurous life with his wife of 27 years Sherry and his 2 grown children.

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