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A Calgary Denture Clinic Excited to Recreate Your Smile:

Our mission is to provide complete and partial denture services to our Calgary clients all while listening to their immediate dental wants and needs. We strive to deliver all requests in a very timely manner and in a relaxed, friendly and comfortable environment. While Prosthetic teeth may often be associated with elder individuals, it can actually be a great choice for anyone who may be missing teeth as a result of gum disease or trauma. Our Denturist Michael Seles has over 30 Years experience after graduating with Honours from his program. We are ready to work with you to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing smile possible.

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Our Denture Services

Complete Dentures

Dentures offered in Standard, Intermediate, or Precision format.

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Partial Dentures

Dentures offered in Vitallium, Vitallium Plus, or Titanium Frames

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Implant Supported

Implant Dentures supported by 4 or more implants

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Implant Retained

Not the same as supported. Now more affordable then ever

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Denture Fitting

Through mouth impressions we are able to make the denture fit your mouth precisely.

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Denture Relines

We provide processed denture relines. Providing superior fit and added strength.

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Denture Repair

Urgent denture repairs or re-adjustments to ill-fitting dentures. Same Day repairs.

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Denture Cleaning

Through Denture renewal products unavailable in stores we provide superior denture cleaning

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