Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures are exactly what you imagine when you think of "dentures". Complete Dentures offer a full replacement of the upper and lower teeth. This is a perfect solution if you have begun to experience dental deterioration, dental decay or dental trauma. Although you may think of dentures as just being only for elderly individuals, this is not that case; Dentures are common in all-aged adults (when should you get dentures?). Dentures will require relines, replacements and repairs over time through their regular usage and as your bones and gums begin to shrink, it's recommended to continuously maintain good denture cleaning habits and book regular checkup appointments with our Denturist Michael Seles to maintain healthy dentures

Complete Dentures are offered in the Choices of:
- Standard Dentures
- Intermediate Dentures
- Precision Dentures

EastView denture clinic is the clinic of choice in Calgary for complete denture services. Michael is a an honours graduate with over 30 years of industry experience performing denture services. We are a completely family run clinic and committed to providing our patients the best experience and beautiful smiles. Read more about us.

Complete DentureComplete Dentures

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