Denturist versus a dentist. What’sthe deal?

January 30, 2020

Dentistry is a complicated industry full of varied terminology and a lot of unique individuals that work together to keep you healthy. What a lot of people do is lump together denturists, orthodontists, dental surgeons and other professions under the general phrase of “dentist”. Most people don’t understand the difference and what makes each position unique and relevant.


We see this a lot from our clients,especially those that are dealing with tooth loss. They don’t know who to trust and which way to look. All they know is they want function restored and they want their smile back. Here’s a few differentiating factors that might help you define what you need and where to look for guidance.


First of all, tooth loss can happen at any age, even though most people associate dentures with an older generation.The truth is tooth loss can be a result of: a sports related injury,progressive gum disease, oral hygiene habits that aren’t the best, lifestyle choices and habits, existing cavities and other compromises in your tooth’s structure. For any one of these reasons at almost any age, tooth loss can happen.


The difference between a denturist and a dentist?



A dentist is a trained and professionally accredited health care professional who has specialized in the field of teeth. They can perform surgeries after diagnosing an issue with your oral health. While they are able to provide dentures, there may be certain reasons why you might decide to see a denturist for your tooth replacement needs.


Dentists also specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions where your oral cavity is concerned. A lot of dentists will refer their clients to a licensed denturist when it comes time to consider dentures.


An actual definition is “one whose profession it is to clean and extract teeth, repair them when diseased, and replace them when necessary with artificial ones.”




A denturist is set apart from their dental colleagues because they mainly focus on the technical solution to your problem. A denturist can create dentures, mouth guards and retainers all with the intention of improving your smile and the overall function of your mouth.


A denturist specializes in:

·       Examinations that will determine the best and most suitable solution for you.

·       Denture relines

·       Denture rebase

·       Emergency repairs

·       A variety of denture options including traditional dentures, partials and implant supported dentures.


There’s no discrediting the role a dentist plays in your health and it should be a regular part of your healthy life. While a dentist treats a variety of patients and a range of dental complexities, a denturist is a specialized professional, educated and trained to work exclusively with denture patients.


Dentist vs Denturist: why not use both?

When you’re dealing with tooth loss,possible extractions and dentures… it’s for the best to consult with everyone and seek the services of both your denturist and your dentist. Then you can combine their best advice and know you are considering your decision well equipped to make the most empowered choices based on your needs.


Your dentist can identify any other problems or concerns that require attention so your dentures will be placed safely, accurately and in a healthy, thriving environment. This improves the comfort and function of your denture, while reducing the chance for infection and other potential problems.


Armed with that information, your denturist can then prepare the cavity and make the proper arrangements for your dentures or implants. With a denturist’s specialized expertise and education you’ll be satisfied with the fit and you’ll have a smile that’s both beautiful and functional.

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