Smiling Matters

December 31, 2019

Smiling Matters….


And now for something that will really put a smile on your face.


Smiles are free.




Always have been. Most likely always will be.


Not only that, they have the ability to do all sorts of things.
They can change your life in ways you never even gave thought to.
They can alter the mood of your day. Or a room.

They can change the physiology of your body.

They are practically magic.


Here’s the sad thing though.

The average adult cracks a smile maybe 20 times in a day.


Compare that to most infants who smile on average, 400 times a day.


We really need to be smiling a lot more. 

Maybe once you read the facts, you’ll be inspired to turn that frown upside down.

Even better? You’ll be “contagious”and pass it around.



Smiling Matters… here are the facts


•                 Almost all of us… 99.7% in fact, believe smiling is an important personal attribute.

•                 Most of us think we look best in photos when we are smiling. On the flip of that, less than ¼ of us believe we look our best with our mouths closed.

•                 Almost ¾ of us think that an unattractive smile affects business or workplace interactions.

•                 It’s been said that in men with “unsightly” teeth, their salaries average 18% less than those with pearly whites.

•                 Women in the same boat (unsightly teeth) have salaries that are on average 11% lower than those with good teeth.

•                 Smiling, in general, makes us more attractive. Seems pretty self-explanatory.

•                 Smiling can change your mood. Try it sometime if you are feeling down or just a little off.Note how you feel after your forced smile. You may just feel a boost of energy and happiness. Maybe a little relief from the feeling weighing you down. Give it a go. See what happens.

•                 Smiling is contagious. You know the saying “smile and the whole world smiles with you”?When you’re in a good mood and genuinely smiling, you are going to pass those vibes on to others around you. Grin away.

•                 Smiling reduces stress. Who doesn’t want less stress? When you’re stressed out it affects your immune system, your mood and your face. Smiling literally improves your immunity,improves heart health, and instantly alters your mood not to mention lights up your face.

•                 Another health benefit? Smiling has been proven to lower blood pressure. And relax….

•                 Smiling releases endorphins into your system. Endorphins give you that euphoric feeling of happiness. Who doesn’t want that?

•                 In a lot of studies, participants are said to look younger when they smile. Do your own study. In your mirror. Beautiful aren’t you?



Smiles lead to happiness and happiness adds years to your life.

When you smile, even if it’s forced at first, it opens up pathways and meridians to your brain and body, signaling your happy gene. Forcing a smile eventually leads to a genuine smile because your body is now working under the umbrella of happy. It’s then a cyclical affect. Smile = Happiness = Smile = Happiness.


Ask Dr. Laura Kubzansky, an Associate Professor of society, human development and health at the Harvard School of Public Health, if happy people live longer? She will give you are sounding “yup!” Dr. Kubzanky led a 2007 study that discovered an array of health and social benefits that were majorly impacted, when people came at life from a happy place.


After monitoring 6,000 men and women between the ages of 25 to 74-years old over a 20-year period, Dr. Kubzanky discovered that emotional happiness, enthusiasm, strong social bonds and positivity… extended their life. They lived longer, more vibrant lives.

Specifically, the ones showing an optimistic life view were less likely to make unsafe choices, they weren’t as dependent and addicted to substances and they were less prone to overeat. What she also saw were participant’s risks decreased in the areas of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and depression.Overall they also lived healthier, happier and longer than their counter-parts.



A smile helps you feel happier —and being happier helps you keep the smile going in a genuine way.


Scientists have even found that we connect in a physical way with one another when we share a smile. We literally come together as one, with our breathing and heart rates syncing up. Major health benefits come from that. Not to mention the social interaction and connection you make with people.


So, the next time someone tells you to "cheer up”, own it. Your shared happiness might end up making that person feel happier too. And now that you know all about the benefits of smiling, why wouldn’t you?



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